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No Excuse Fitness is the brainchild of Ryan Rannelli, two-time Canadian boxing champ. Ryan, who boxed on Canada’s national team, founded the gym in 2009 and his fitness philosophy borrows heavily from his athletic training and success. “No excuse, just results” is his motto and to achieve that aim he and his staff eschew extreme fitness fads and instead stick to high-intensity workouts that are proven to work, giving you quick and lasting results guaranteed

Located in Burlington, just off the highway and steps from transit, No Excuse’s bright, open-concept gym offers boxing training for a range of proficiency levels, from beginners to professionals. With more than 9,000 sq. ft. of space, the gym features a full-size boxing ring, more than a dozen heavy bags and specialty bags as well as a full-size track, lifting platforms, free weights, and a 500lb tractor tire (for flipping!).

In addition to boxing, there is personal training and group fitness classes for a range of levels and interests, including high-intensity interval training, functional training and weight training, kettle bells, as well as kids boxing classes and camps. Our amenities include: men and women’s showers, change rooms and a yoga room.

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On New Years Eve of 2009-2010, I announced to everyone in the room that I would be doing a fitness competition before 2011.

Ryan has been a good friend of mine for a few years now, and also helped my boyfriend lose A LOT of weight. When I began training with Ryan I was approximately 127 pounds and 21% body fat. I trained 6 days a week for 14 weeks straight, followed the diet to a science (I never cheated!) and got down to around 10% body fat and 105 pounds for my competition day. I did three fitness events back-to-back this year. It was intense, but Ryan pushed me through it every day, he believed in me when I didn’t, and he constantly coached me and kept me focused throughout every session.

My Competition Results:

  • UFE Halloween Mayhem October 23rd 2010
    • 2nd place Bikini Model (out of 27)
    • 10th place Fitness Model (out of 30)
  • UFE Nationals November 13th 2010
    • 7th place Elite Bikini Model (out of over 30 women)
    • 9th place Elite Fitness Model (out of over 30 women)
  • OPA London November 27th 2010
    • 3rd place Bikini Model (out of 15 women)

My life has changed for the better since No Excuse. Now, post competition, I still follow many of the guidelines about diet and training that Ryan taught me- I’m currently sitting at 115 pounds healthier and stronger than ever. I look forward to re-setting my goals for 2011 and taking my fitness level to new heights. I will continue to be part of the family at No Excuse, and will highly recommend training with Ryan Rannelli to anyone looking to reach their fitness goals. Thank you Ryan, for my amazing experiences training at No Excuse, and for being an extremely important part of my life.

Jenna McNamara

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Joshua Lombardo Bottema
Owner of Spring Masters Niagara, Canada’s Largest Aeration Company

Christal Earle
Co-Founder and Chief Spokesperson for

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I had a great time training with Ryan. He was always friendly, very motivating and pushed me to do my best. I never could have done that on my own! By the end of my sessions, I not only noticed a difference in my body, but also in my energy level and fitness. Ryan mixed things up for me, with both cardio and weights, and the boxing sessions made exercising much more fun. Training with No Excuse was money well spent!

Maria Diamandis, PH.D Graduate Student

No Excuse has been an amazing life changing experience for me! I have been training with Ryan for 2-3x/week since January 2010 and noticed realistic results. I have noticed increased muscle tone, and I feel tighter and my energy levels have improved. I had some back discomfort-no more, since I have improved my core, my back no longer hurts. I love the workouts that Ryan gives..they can be as hard as I want and Ryan is a great motivator, he pushes me to my max....I love the personal attention that he gives to each person in the group sessions!

Janet Moriyama,
Treatment Co-ordinator/Office Manager for Periodontal Surgery

I worked with Ryan for 3 months. It was the best money I ever spent. I had been bored with exercise for years and had no interest in weight loss goals that most diet and fitness programs offered. Ryan was able to customize a program that met my needs and took into account my low bordedom threshold and helped me reach fitness goals that I wanted. Thanks to Ryan I was able to carry a canoe on my bakc and do a six hour hike on a camping trip this past summer. I never felt better. Thanks Ryan!

Althea Monteiro, Psychologist